The Best Ballroom Dances for Beginners ballroom dance lessons for beginners

Ballroom dancing isn’t something you can easily learn without professional instruction. Taking ballroom dance lessons is the best way to ensure you can experience the joy of ballroom dancing without feeling nervous or anxious. Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Nashville is a great place to take beginner ballroom dance lessons!

Since there are many different types of ballroom dance, you might be wondering which style is ideal for beginners. Here some of the best ballroom dances you should know:

Cha Cha

Cha-cha is a flirtatious, lively ballroom dance that’s full of energy and passion. The Cuban motion gives this ballroom dance a unique style. Partners should work together to synchronize every movement in perfect alignment.


The Foxtrot is a ballroom dance that’s simple to learn and lots of fun. It is also an excellent dance for beginners. Foxtrot is a smooth ballroom dance in which the dancers make flowing, long movements across the floor.


Quickstep is the quicker version of The Foxtrot. This ballroom dance is comprised of quick stepping, runs of quick steps, and syncopated feet rhythms. Quickstep is exciting to watch yet can be tough to learn, especially if you’re a beginner. If Quickstep is the ballroom dance you’re most interested in, our professional instructors will ensure you’re moving through the steps properly before you speed things up!


Tango is one of the best and probably most fascinating ballroom dances. It originated in South America in early 20th century and is an extremely popular ballroom dance around the world.


Rumba is considered by many to be the most sensual and romantic among the Latin ballroom dances. This might be why it is frequently known as the grandfather of Latin dances!

Find a Reliable Dance Studio and Learn Ballroom Dance Today!

One of the most fulfilling and exciting activities in life is to learn ballroom dance. Beyond learning a new dance and skill, it benefits your emotional and physical health too! If you want to take ballroom dance lessons, looking for a reputable dance studio can make a huge difference in your success. Regardless of what ballroom dance style you’d like to learn, the best studio for ballroom dance lessons for beginners in Nashville is Arthur Murray. Contact us today to begin your lessons and start having some fun!