Learn Country Western Dancing


Learn Country Western dancing right here in Music City, Nashville Tennessee! There are several types of country western dance styles and we teach many of them such as…

Country Western Swing is a fast, upbeat dance with lots of turns and spins to compliment the pop Country sounds.

The Two Step is a uniquely stylized dance that reflects the contemporary style of today’s music.

The Shuffle or Double Two Step or Traveling swing is a combination of the Two Step and the East Coast Swing. It is a very versatile dance, allowing a mix and match of patterns and exciting variations.

The Three Step utilizes a unique Latin sounding rhythm as a basis for subtle hip action and small movements.

The Triple Step Swing or Polka is a fun and lively dance that have given us variations in Shadow Dances of Cotton Eyed Joe.

The Country Waltz is played at a quick pace and can be traced back as far as when music was born.

The Night Club Two Step was developed for dancers who want to continue to dance even when a slow ballad is played. Its defined movements allow for a relaxed hold between partners and a very casual approach to movement

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